I'm an iOS engineer and author based in Richmond, VA. You might want to check out some of the projects I've been working on (my iOS apps, sample code, or experiments with new tech) or my blog for more fine-grained discussion of my current interests.


  • RT @sophiebits: using a monorepo solves many code management problems, and in turn it does introduce some of its own. but ime, the problems caused by a monorepo can be tackled by a single centralized team, whereas the downsides of many repos end up slowing everyone on a team down slightly 3 days ago
  • RT @jamisonfoser: My topics of interest are no nazis and tweets from people I find interesting presented in chronological order twitter.com/axios/status/1… 5 days ago
  • RT @siracusa: If you want to understand why the newly released black hole image looks the way it does, watch this video: youtu.be/zUyH3XhpLTo 11 days ago