I'm an iOS engineer and author based in Richmond, VA. You might want to check out some of the projects I've been working on (my iOS apps, sample code, or experiments with new tech) or my blog for more fine-grained discussion of my current interests.


  • RT @BalestraPatrick: Happy to see this! XCLogParser is now owned by the Mobile Native Foundation in order to encourage collaboration from the whole community. twitter.com/SpotifyEng/sta… 4 days ago
  • RT @stroughtonsmith: The internals of App Review’s testing — quite fascinating! It seems like they create a trust score of your app based on a list of binary & metadata criteria, and then review what’s changed between versions pic.twitter.com/l8hNZ8X0Do 8 days ago
  • RT @RidT: Amazing that I only discovered today, on day 400 or whatever, that you can drag-and-drop zoom faces into your preferred order 12 days ago