• RT @Pinboard: A useful way to think of it: is giving to candidate X going to mean they can spend every working minute between now and November 3 campaigning, instead of on the phone fundraising? Or will it just get put on top of an existing mountain of cash, or handed straight to Facebook? 5 days ago
  • RT @zntfdr: New in Xcode 12, we can remove *all* disabled breakpoints at once! 🎉 (I've missed this one before!) pic.twitter.com/OKwIGTX128 8 days ago
  • RT @ctrlshifti: my friend hacked the former prime minister of australia and instead of selling the info on the dark web like a normal person, they spent 6 months in email chains with the gov trying to get the whole thing resolved. you can read about their adventure here twitter.com/mangopdf/statu… 9 days ago