• RT @BalestraPatrick: Testing privacy prompts has always been difficult (if not impossible). `XCUIApplication` got some new APIs to even change the permissions at runtime under testing. pic.twitter.com/r6L5aYKXgF 11 days ago
  • RT @mcnees: Happy palindrome day, whether you write the date DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY or even if you put the year first for some weird reason. 02/02/2020 is the only such date this century. The last one was over 900 years ago, on 11/11/1111. SO DON’T WASTE IT. 14 days ago
  • RT @Limericking: Alexander, from old Tennessee, Said, “Clearly, as people can see, He did it. And yet We mustn’t forget How little that matters, to me.” 17 days ago