Book List

I'm frequently asked by friends or family to recommend good books and occasionally forget if I have read a specific book, so posting my thoughts here is meant to fix both. The rough goal was to be short enough to fit in a few sentences while also not spoiling any major plot points.


  • RT @oskargroth: Oof. macOS state restoration data was serialised without secure coding, so injecting malicious code into windows.plist and tricking system apps to load it would escape the sandbox & grant root privileges.… 6 days ago
  • RT @orange_8361: My favorite bug among the vulnerabilities I presented today! 😆 The original intent was to compare the password. However, the developer copy-and-pasted the code but forgot to replace the variable name. That leads to the Authentication Bypass on IIS. 7 days ago
  • RT @simjp: With the latest SwiftLint release candidate, you can now develop custom native SwiftLint rules in Xcode right from your private projects. 🤯… 7 days ago