Book List

I'm frequently asked by friends or family to recommend good books and occasionally forget if I have read a specific book, so posting my thoughts here is meant to fix both. The rough goal was to be short enough to fit in a few sentences while also not spoiling any major plot points.


  • RT @sluongng: Meta released Buck2 yesterday, their new generation build system written in Rust with Remote Execution to be first class supported.… 3 days ago
  • RT @bsp_overviews: [ cs_assault.bsp ] Game: Counter-Strike 15 days ago
  • RT @mergesort: I wanna say this before everything burns down, we built something special. Everyone I know who worked @Twitter cared so much about the users of this platform, about using it to make the world better, and it wasn’t perfect but we tried our fucking hardest and it was good. 18 days ago