Book List

I'm frequently asked by friends or family to recommend good books and occasionally forget if I have read a specific book, so posting my thoughts here is meant to fix both. The rough goal was to be short enough to fit in a few sentences while also not spoiling any major plot points.


  • RT @dalmaer: The Pfizer and Modena vaccines were both effective, protective and safe. But the Oxford one seems to be effective, protective, and safe. 3 hours ago
  • RT @marcoarment: iOS devs, FYI: unmodified iOS apps running on M1 Macs appear to report themselves via hw.machine as model identifier “iPad8,6” (iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd-gen, 1TB model). So if you see a very recent spike in your analytics in iPad 12.9 users, that’s probably why. 7 hours ago
  • @valerieosmith No joke I instinctively reached for it on the top. Muscle memory is weird. 5 days ago