Book List

I'm frequently asked by friends or family to recommend good books and occasionally forget if I have read a specific book, so posting my thoughts here is meant to fix both. The rough goal was to be short enough to fit in a few sentences while also not spoiling any major plot points.


  • RT @friendlyMikhail: Hi friends, do you use Dropbox/Store library? Are you tired of me switching jobs and changing who owns the library? I'm hoping to find it a new home in the @mobilenativefdn and started a discussion… would love to hear community thoughts 4 days ago
  • RT @seijibk: it took us 10 months from the first US case of Covid until the first vaccinated adult. since that time, it has been another 17 months and there is still no vaccine for young kids. 18 days ago
  • RT @dinodaizovi: Just wait until you see what they do to your software build times if you are a developer that builds large software locally (i.e. iOS apps in Xcode, etc). I wish every EDR vendor used building a large codebase like Firefox (it's really easy to build!) as an internal benchmark.… 21 days ago