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To The Bottom and Back (2BNB) is a Richmond, VA non-profit dedicated to reducing incidents of drinking and driving throughout the Richmond Metro area. Bus transportation is a safer and more eco-friendly mode of transportation for Richmond residents to use while enjoying the city's great culture and local events.

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The 2BNB app launched in August 2011 and has had two minor and one major version updates. The newest version fully supports iOS 6 routing with the new Maps app and adds an iPad user interface. Over 20,000 riders have safely traveled throughout the Richmond Metro area using the 2BNB app.

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2BNB communicates with a RESTful backend with JSON over HTTP. It heavily uses UIApperance and MapKit for its user interface and Google Directions to provide the data for iOS 6 routing.

This application is not affiliated with 2BNB, but is offered as an aid to riders who want to use the service.


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