Merrimac for Rackspace Cloud Monitoring

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Merrimac is an iOS client for the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring API released in December 2012. The Cloud Monitoring API allows server admins, website owners, or service providers to monitor a wide variety of systems, hosted on Rackspace or otherwise, with a customized alert types and criteria. Alerts can be as simple as emailing you when a website is down or as complex as alerting you if packet loss goes above 10% from more than two datacenters worldwide. Rackspace supports email and web hook notifications on an unlimited number of systems or criteria.

Merrimac Check screenshot Merrimac Notification screenshot

Merrimac improves the Cloud Monitoring experience on iOS by adding Push notifications as a third alert style. Odds are good that the person responsible for the system that just went down will have his or her phone nearby, whether at lunch, in the office, or at an offsite event; and Merrimac helps them respond even faster than an email notification lost in a crowded inbox.

Merrimac Push Notification screenshot

Merrimac communicates with the RESTful Rackspace Cloud Monitoring API with JSON over HTTP. Merrimac's push notification server is written in PHP and customized specifically for it. The app heavily uses UIAppearance and a wide variety of UITableViews for its user interface.


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